At The Shop Club, enjoy great food while checking out amazing cars –

DALLAS — What’s the most satisfying way to travel on Interstate 35E? Grab a bite to eat, surround yourself with cars and most importantly, get off of I-35E and stop at The Shop Club in Dallas.

“Yeah, exactly,” Shop Club general manager John Leeman laughed. “Don’t do it while you’re driving. Just pull into our parking lot and enjoy it here.”

People store their vintage and top-of-the-line vehicles at this warehouse in northwest Dallas near Love Field. Even if you aren’t a member, you can still stop for a bite to eat at the restaurant.

What’s inside The Shop Club? Some of the most amazing cars you’ll ever see.

“We have everything from the 1920s all the way to current,” Leeman said.

He says everyone has the same reaction: “Their jaw drops on the ground, really.”

The cars belong to members. Anyone who joins the club can store their car inside the building. Members can also use the shop’s garage to work on their car or the wash bay to detail it.

“It’s a country club for gearheads,” Leeman said.

However, what sets The Shop Club apart is the food. Derby is the restaurant attached to the shop and guests don’t have to be members to eat there.

Derby is open to the public. Guests can order lunch and look through the large, glass windows at all the cars. They can even purchase tickets to take a tour and get a closer look.

“I mean there’s nothing like it,” Leeman said.

Having a great time? On I-35E? It really is one-of-a-kind.

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