Here’s How Advances In Ambient Intelligence Will Make Riding In AI Self-Driving Cars Quite Cozy, Like A Pleasing Lullaby For Us All – Forbes

Making sure the interior ambiance is suitable for passengers, including and especially when inside a … [+] self-driving car.


You invite someone over to your home.

If you are the type of host that cares about providing a cozy experience, you will attempt to fine-tune your household environment toward the specific interests and preferences of your guest. Turns out that the guest is known to be somewhat sensitive to bright light and loud noises. So, you draw closed many of the curtains, keep the interior lights dimmed, and politely ask other occupants to refrain from earsplitting vocal outbursts.

This is part of an effort to accommodate the needs of your guest.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to take those actions. It could be that you merely let your guest contend with whatever the normal conditions within your home are. Tough luck to them about any of their ambient desires as a visitor. Your place is your place, and the onus is upon any guest to self-adjust to the surroundings within your domicile.

I would optimistically suggest that few hosts tend to take that ostensibly harsh uncaring perspective and will instead do what they reasonably can to adjust the ambiance as best feasible. Might as well seek to make the environs palatable to a guest, thus likely increasing their satisfaction and comfort, along with indubitably making things better for yourself too (a happy guest would presumably spur being a happy host).

Another place where tuning the ambiance comes to play is inside a car.

You are giving a lift to a friend.

The ride will take about two hours. This is a long enough time period that it would seem worthwhile to try and do something for the comfort of your pal. Maybe you like rap music and your friend prefers classical music. As such, you prepare a slate of enthralling songs that includes both styles. Your friend relishes those indoor air fresheners and especially the sweet smell of forest pines. Though you normally don’t use air fresheners in your vehicle, you nonetheless purchase one that has a wooded scent and install it into your car.

Pat yourself on the back for being a conscientious host.

All of this talk about setting the ambiance or surroundings is due to the rising aspects of something referred to as Ambient Intelligence (AmI).

The gist is that rather than you having to adjust the environment to the needs of a fellow human, there is state-of-the-art technology that will automatically do so. When someone walks into a house, the high-tech systems inside the structure will quietly and unobtrusively adjust the interior environment for the preferences of that person. This could make use of technology such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and likely leverage the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The IoT devices serve as sensors that can detect the conditions within the structure. That data can be fed into …….


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