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Photo: Mercedes Streeter

In a few months I will be celebrating 10 years with one of my favorite cars. My 2012 Smart Fortwo is proof that dreams can come true. But it’s also now the only car in my fleet incapable of moving under its own power. How did my car die? I let it sit outside for too long without driving it.

The story you’re about to read should be a warning. If you’ve parked a car for a minor issue, fix that issue as soon as you can. If you don’t, when you finally do get around to fixing it you may find a whole host of other issues. Please don’t be like me.

This little Smart Fortwo has been by my side for much of the biggest moments of my life.

The Apple sticker is hiding a bullet hole.

Photo: Mercedes Streeter

It’s been there with me through my times of uncertainty and heartbreak. It’s been there as I began transitioning and navigated the world as I found my new self. What I’ve done with it has given me some of the biggest boosts of confidence I’ve ever had in my life. The little car is as much of a best friend and wingman as a car could be, so I feel like I let it down.

Our trouble begins in 2019. The Smart is seven years old with 155,000 miles, but still running like it just rolled off of the showroom floor. Over those miles I’ve only had to replace the head unit, a side skirt, and the rear bearings.

Photo: Mercedes Streeter

In September of that year I took the Smart on its third Gambler 500 rally.

Photo: Mercedes Streeter

The car’s lack of …….


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