Notes left on cars in South Philly amid ‘savesies’ parking dispute – FOX 29 Philadelphia

Notes left on cars in South Philly amid ‘savesies’ parking dispute

Residents on a South Philadelphia block woke up to notes on their cars after a couple says they moved a cone that a neighbor was apparently using to save their spot.

Finding a parking spot in Philadelphia can be hard enough, but people claiming spots only makes it more difficult. 

It’s an issue that usually pops up whenever it snows, and people use chairs, cones, or anything that can take up space to save a shoveled-out spot. 

It’s a practice known as ‘savesies’ and it has prompted humorous public service announcements from the Philadelphia Police Department in the past.

A couple in South Philadelphia says there is nothing funny about what they’ve been going through – and it’s all over a parking space. 

“There were very few parking spaces available.  The only one was one that somebody had put a cone in.  We moved the cone and we parked there which we have every right to and we woke up Thursday morning to a threatening note on our windshield,” Philip Rembert explained. 


Maura Fitzpatrick read the note they found inside of the envelope commonly used for tickets.

“Stop taking my spot. You think you are tough find your own parking spot. Find someone else’s spot or take someone else’s spot on 4th and Federal. If you have a problem knock on my door,” the note read.

Philadelphia Police tell people to call them if they think someone is committing an act of ‘savesies.’

The couple says that on Friday, they came out to find damage to their car. They filed a police report. 

“You cannot save parking spaces.  Because a lot of people think they are entitled to do it and they are getting away with it and it’s just widespread from what I’ve seen,” Rembert added. 



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