Police: Surveillance video shows St. Louis alderman struck woman with his car, charges not issued –

Alderman Brandon Bosley claimed a woman tried to carjack him Dec. 22. Police report shows investigators now believe he should be charged with a crime.

ST. LOUIS — Police say a St. Louis alderman struck a woman with his car moments before he went on social media accusing her of trying to carjack him, according to a report obtained by 5 On Your Side.

Note: The video above is from Jan. 3.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s Office has declined to file charges against Bosley, citing a lack of evidence. 

Prosecutors initially charged the woman with two felonies following Alderman Brandon Bosley’s account of what happened Dec. 22.

Prosecutors dropped those charges one week later without explanation.

Police have since requested that charges be filed against Bosley for filing a false police report, assault and unlawful use of a weapon, but Gardner’s office has not issued them.

In a statement, spokeswoman Allison Hawk wrote: “We file charges according to the quality of the evidence presented, and we didn’t find evidence to support the charges at this time.”

Bosley also told the I-Team any claims that he struck the woman with his car are “100% false,” and “he’s prepared to sue,” anyone who claims otherwise.

Bosley told the I-Team that Gardner’s office told him the woman who he said tried to carjack him has been referred to a diversion program.

The program gives nonviolent felony offenders a chance to avoid jail time by completing programs centered on topics such as job training, education and community service, according to Gardner’s website.

Gardner’s spokeswoman would not say whether the woman in this case has been referred to the program.

The night in question 

On Dec. 22, Bosley went on Facebook Live moments after he said a woman tried to carjack him.

In the video, the woman can be seen laying in the snow along Madison Street near North 18th Street.

As soon as Bosley pulls up next to the woman in his Facebook Live video, he shouts: “Oh he done hit you, he done hit your old dumb (expletive). What’s up? See what I’m saying? You out here trying to rob (expletive) and somebody done hit your old dumb (expletive). Where that pistol that you had?”

At one point, Bosley gets out his gun and asks her whether she’s armed.

Gardner’s office issued robbery and armed criminal action charges against her.

During the week she spent in jail, she missed out on Christmas with her children, according to her family.

On Jan. 3, prosecutors dropped the charges against her, and the woman walked out of jail.

But the police investigation continued.

In a report obtained by the I-Team, police used license plate readers and pieced together surveillance video to track Bosley’s movements on the night in question.

Some of that surveillance video, taken from a gas station, shows, “Brandon B.’s passenger front …….


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