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Photo: David Tracy

What makes the Rivian R1T such an incredible vehicle? Well, reviewer David Tracy was so stoked about it that he couldn’t help calling Jason Torchinsky to gush:

The Rivian R1T is imperfect. Its software has bugs, there are some mild build quality issues on the preproduction trucks that I drove, the front-facing camera is grainy, the four-wheel drive system kicks up rocks when you don’t want it to, pedal modulation can be tough to get used to off-road, articulation isn’t amazing, and the truck costs a lot (the ones I drove were over $70 grand) and weighs a lot (roughly 7,000 pounds).

Plus, as a utility vehicle, it’s not great. The bed is tiny, and though the tow rating is 11,000 pounds, yanking that heavy of a load — especially in a box trailer uphill — will likely lead to double-digit range figures; the same applies to hauling lots of weight in the bed. Though Rivian says its fast chargers can bring the truck’s battery from zero to 140 miles of range in just 20 minutes, such a short range would be annoying given the U.S.’s poor-but-growing charging infrastructure.

Despite all of this, the Rivian R1T is a masterpiece and a true enthusiast’s machine for people who like to daily-drive their trucks and who aren’t in it for long-range heavy towing/hauling. It’s exceptional off-road and great on road, it looks awesome, its interior is stunning, its useful and sometimes superfluous gadgets are incredibly charming, and acceleration is absurd.

Read the full review here.


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